Sl NoContentPosted DateDownload
2ASCANA_ List of Candidates for Membership on the BOD16/05/2023 Download
3AGM Invitation-English26/04/2023 Download
4AGM Invitation-Arabic26/04/2023 Download
5Proxy Form - English26/04/2023 Download
6Proxy Form - Arabic26/04/2023 Download
7BODNP - English26/04/2023 Download
8BODNP - Arabic26/04/2023 Download
9ASCANA_Board of Directors Nomination Form26/04/2023 Download
10AGM Invitation15/03/2022 Download
11Proxy Form15/03/2022 Download

Yearly Financial Statements:

Sl NoContentClose DateDownload
1Financial Statements 202231/12/2022 Download
2Financial Statements 202131/12/2021 Download
3Financial Statements 202031/12/2020 Download
4Financial Statements 201931/12/2019 Download
5Financial Statements 201831/12/2018 Download
6Financial Statements 201731/12/2017 Download

Quarterly Financial Statements:

Sl NoContentClose DateDownload
12022-Q3 Financial Statements30/09/2022 Download
22022-Q2 Financial Statements30/06/2022 Download
32022-Q1 Financial Statements31/03/2022 Download
42021-Q3 Financial Statements30/09/2021 Download
52021-Q2 Financial Statements30/06/2021 Download
62021-Q1 Financial Statements31/03/2021 Download
72020-Q3 Financial Statements30/09/2020 Download
82020-Q2 Financial Statements30/06/2020 Download
92020-Q1 Financial Statements31/03/2020 Download

Annual Board Meeting:

Sl NoContentPosted DateDownload
1Board of Directors Meeting 202208/11/2022 Download
2Board of Directors Meeting 202203/08/2022 Download
3Board of Directors Meeting 202211/05/2022 Download
4Board of Directors Meeting 202214/04/2022 Download
5Board of Directors Meeting 202203/03/2022 Download
6Board of Directors Meeting 202102/03/2021 Download
7Board of Directors Meeting 202011/03/2020 Download
8Board of Directors Meeting 202011/03/2020 Download
9Board of Directors Meeting 201926/02/2019 Download
10Board of Directors Meeting 201829/10/2018 Download
11Board of Directors Meeting 201805/08/2018 Download
12Board of Directors Meeting 201812/02/2018 Download
13Board of Directors Meeting 201808/02/2018 Download

Minutes of Meeting of General Assembly:

Sl NoContentPoste DateDownload
1Resolutions of AGM 202214/04/2022 Download
2Resolutions of AGM 202107/04/2021 Download
3Resolutions of AGM 202012/04/2020 Download
4Resolutions of AGM 201915/04/2019 Download
5Resolutions of AGM 201810/04/2018 Download
6Resolutions of AGM 201711/04/2017 Download
7Resolutions of AGM 201621/03/2016 Download

Governance Report:

Sl NoContentPosted DateDownload
1Corporate Governance Report 202203/03/2023 Download
2Corporate Governance Report 202101/01/2022 Download
3Corporate Governance Report 202001/01/2021 Download
4Corporate Governance Report 201901/01/2020 Download
5Corporate Governance Report 201801/01/2019 Download
6Corporate Governance Report 201701/01/2018 Download
7Corporate Governance Report 201601/01/2017 Download

Uncollected Dividend:

Sl NoContentPosted DateDownload
1Uncollected Dividend04/01/2016 Download


Sl NoContentPosted DateDownload
1Article of Association06/07/2016 Download
2Article of Association Amendment Download
3Amendment to the Articles of Association31/03/2022 Download
4SCA Certification for AOA Amendment31/03/2022 Download
5Attachment to SCA Certification for AOA Amendment Download

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